Assessment, Planning and Advisory Services

TILE -Assessment and Planning Services

The Health Council of West Central Florida has been providing planning and assessment services since 1981. Our philosophy is that desired results require proper planning.   Proper planning requires reliable data and the representation of impacted parties along with service providers, government, and topical experts.  This is our strength.


Services Include

  • Community Needs Assessments
  • Community Health Improvement Plans
  • Program Evaluations
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Collaborative facilitation
  • Conducting public forums, roundtables, townhalls and listening sessions
  • Key informant interviews and focus group facilitation
  • Grant research, writing, and management
  • Funding stream analysis
  • Policy Analysis
  • PACE Environmental Health projects



  • Health Equity
  • Rural Health
  • Disability Services
  • Health Access
  • Food Policy

Evaluation of The Reach and Connect Project

The Reach and Connect project was a pilot project funded through Florida Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (FBCCEDP) in areas of the state that have demonstrated higher rates and later-stage diagnosis of breast and/or cervical cancer.

The program extended eligibility for services under FBCCEDP to women younger than 50 and older than 64, as well as insured women and those eligible for insurance, and women in higher income groups. Eight regions serving 18 counties participated in the project.

The Council developed and conducted key informant interviews with program managers and implementing staff, described processes across the eight regions and compiled outcome findings on the project.

Evaluation of The Reach and Connect Project Report


Florida Rural Health Plan Update

HCWCF under contract with the Department of Health reviewed and updated the Florida Rural Health Plan. Working with a Statewide Advisory Committee, the Council designed an online survey tool to gather data on twelve focus areas, including primary care, emergency medical/trauma services, chronic diseases management, medications, behavioral health, and dental. The survey respondents included health care providers, community social service organizations, government leaders and school board representatives. The data was used to set priorities and objectives for rural health issues affecting Florida.
Rural Health Plan Update


Hardee County Planning

The Health Council of West Central Florida, under contract with the Hardee County Health Department, worked with community organizations to revise and adopt the goals and objectives for the Hardee County Community Health Improvement Plan.

Hardee County CHIP-Goals and Objectives


Health Care Transition Initiative

HCWCF provided technical assistance to the Florida Health Care Transition Initiative (FHCTI) to organize and launch local/regional health care transition coalitions. The FHCTI is charged with improving the transition of young adults with special health care needs to the adult health care system. There were three components: data collection; strategic planning; and mentoring/technical assistance to Panhandle HATS staff. We:

  • Compiled data on general population characteristics (age, sex, race, ethnicity, number of households, household size, linguistics); demographics of disabled population (type by gender and sex, employment, income, education, clinical diagnosis, out of home, CMS clients, SSI, mental health services, mental health disorders, students by support level); Community-based Medical Services (resource listing by county); and Local Planning Councils (contact information for additional studies). Data was compiled at the county, DOH/CMS area and state level where available for all 67 Florida counties
  • Coordinated local coalition development and strategic planning for the pilot coalition (Hillsborough HATS) resulting in an Action Plan.

Health Care Transition Data Report
Hillsborough HATS Coalition Action Plan
Final Report Health Care Transition


Health Information Technology Environmental Scan

The Council conducted a seven county Environmental Scan of hospitals and Federally Qualified Health Centers in support of the Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program. The statewide effort determined the level of activities in place and the readiness of hospitals and medical professional to participate in Health Information Exchange

Highlands County Planning Activities

The Health Council of West Central Florida, under contract with the Highlands County Health Department, worked with Community Health Improvement Planning (CHIP) committee to develop the 2015 Community Health Assessment.

Highlands Co 2015 Community Health Assessment – final

Highlands County executive summary 2015

Previous work included the development and adoption the Highlands County CHIP Strategic Plan. The Council updated the Highlands County Health Care Report Card (2011); analyzed the data from a community survey and led the CHIP members through MAPP activities.

Manatee County Health Needs Assessment

Under contract with the Manatee County Health Department, the Council completed a health needs assessment. The Council gathered data from multiple sources on demographic and socio-economic indicators; health status; health resource availability and access; and a special section on tobacco mortality and morbidity. The Council also interviewed key informants to gain local community input. The report can be used to identify health care needs and develop intervention priorities.

Manatee Food Policy Council

HCWCF collaborated with the Manatee County Health Department to bring a Food Policy Council (FPC) to that county. The FPC brought together stakeholders from diverse food-related sectors to develop inventive solutions for improving the social, economic, and environmental health of a given community’s food system through the analysis of the existing system, cultivating partnership among the different food sectors, advocating for policy change, and educating the public. The FPC included representatives from food production, distribution, retail, wholesale, transportation, government, processing, education, hunger prevention, and the general public. Agriculture is a major contributor to Manatee County’s economy and proper nutrition plays a significant part in the health of the community.

Polk County Indigent Care Study

Under contract with Polk County government, HCWCF collected and analyzed demographic data about the uninsured and underinsured residents of Polk County, access to health care for these residents, and reimbursements rates for healthcare providers through the Polk County’s Health Plan as well as similar plans in other communities. The final report outlined the data, including the results of two client focus groups and numerous expert interviews, as well as the recommendations about reimbursement rates and enhancing access to care.

Surveying Persons with Disabilities about Emergency Preparedness

HCWCF contracted with the Florida Department of Health to carry out its statewide survey instrument designed to gather information about emergency preparedness among persons with disabilities. We identified local disability service organizations to administer the survey tool to their clients and trained the staff on the instrument methodology. We inputted the survey data into a statewide data base for further analysis.


Treatment Support Project for Breast Cancer Patients

Funded by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Treatment Support Project provided financial support to patients diagnosed with breast cancer to insure that they can actively took part in their treatment plans. The support was in the form of a patient stipend limited to $500 per patient per year to cover expenses related to accessing health care, including deductibles, co-pays, COBRA/insurance premiums, medical supplies, home health and treatment support services (child care).


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